Agree what to prevent


What should we be preventing?

E-safety is all about you feeling and being safe whilst using ICTs. For this reason we (students/teachers/parents) should try and prevent situations that are dangerous to you or other people.


Below is a code of conduct which you should try and follow to keep yourself and others safe whilst using ICTs...

Code of conduct for use of ICTs:

ICTs can be very helpful and enjoyable tools to use. But they can be dangerous to you and to other people. So it is your job to be as sensible as you can when using ICTs. Here is a list of things you should try and do when using ICTs:


1. Follow guidelines, rules and age restrictions of the ICT or website you are using


2. Never use an ICT to hurt anybody else


3. Always protect yourself the best you can from potential dangers


4. Remember you never know who you are dealing with over the Internet


5. Never give away any private or personal information


6. Remember anything you post on the Internet will stay there and anybody will      be able to view it


Complete each task in 2 minutes:


A) List and rank your top ten uses of the Internet   (i.e. online gaming)

B) Count the amount of times you have felt unsafe whilst using an ICT

Top Tip

If you become unsure or feel unsafe whilst using an ICT and you cannot find anyone to help you should:

Keep calm   >   Look at the whole situation  >   Take the advice you would give others in the same situation